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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2012 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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and a building infrastructure channel. we support sustainable cities. we would urge you to vote yes. we stand with the san francisco building trades council on this. we hope he will allow the rebuilding of cpmc as soon as possible. thank you very much. >> if your names have been called, if not -- >> any order, please. >> i lived not far from the -- i have for do chastise other developers for creating development sites in order that
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people will come and stay -- have it torn down. in order to certify this eir, you would have to find overriding consideration based on evidence that benefits outweigh the impact. and they do not. obviously, a seismic hospitals have to be built. but they can be built at half the size on that location. or on the existing site. they have had 10 years or more to do it, but they did not. they can still get an extension. the physical changes that are really important to meet involved traffic. they are abandoning the plan. peak los has been discussed and
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it is not sufficient. there are complete meltdowns in times and not during the peak los. the response was, they cannot be measured. we are talking about the fact that if temporary conditions cause a complete meltdown, complete gridlock, brt is not going to help. i live there. even by taking the bus or walking, i see this happens if it rains. two hours to get from pine street over 2 22nd. i cannot get across because it is completely gridlock to. i have to take several lights, pedestrian safety is very dangerous. this is now. what is going to happen when there are 1227 parking spaces?
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and a tunnel, a tunnel where we will eventually need a subway. this is highway 101, the golden gate transit. the mitigation is being offered to the community benefits would go to community benefit district for the bar owners, the organization's that the resident managers will not go to. all they have done is promote the destruction of our neighborhood. the benefit is going to be to give the money? the last time they got money, they bought a steamer. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i represent local 39. the bottom line is how sincere -- cpmc is trying to tell us. the same sentiment of the nurses and local 250, we have been working without a contract for almost two years. nurses more than four years now. the local 39 asks for cpmc to
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settle this issue first in good faith before going forward. i would like to appeal to you to think twice. how sincere their promises are -- we propose for cpmc to settle this first. go back to the bargaining table. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> hello, everybody. my name is christopher jones. i am a member of the stationary engineers local 39. we have then -- we have been out on the line for a little over a
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month now. we have been without a contract for almost two years. everybody wants a new hospital. we want a new hospital. but at what cost? when this hospital gets built, what happens to the california campus and the pacific campus and the employees that work there? they are not guaranteed jobs. we want the hospital to be built, but it to be built right. they are not going about it the right way. it is up to you to make sure that things go the right way. not having them under cut employees and the neighborhood and everything. thank you. >> how are you doing,
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commissioners? i am a san francisco resident. i am a member of 1 04. my wife worked at cpmc for four years. i attend a program designed to train and put san francisco residents to work in the construction field. i got an opportunity to join a great company. i recently became an apprentice local hire is important because it is important for families and it keeps the money into the community. what good is local hire if there is no work? cpmc will be able to continue to provide health care to san franciscans.
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the new building will be seismically safe. we need to keep the jobs in san francisco. this project will allow us to do so. that is why we need the city to approve the rebuild of cpmc. it will create more opportunities and more programs just to give people out of work and people in this second chance a new lease on life. to help people take care of their families. i think it is a win-win for everybody. i appreciate it if everybody would vote yes. thank you. >> let me read a few more names. [reading names] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm the executive director for
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the mission neighborhood centers. our organization has submitted a letter to each one of view and i would like to take a brief couple of minutes to read the content at this time. the letter is addressed to president fong. it reads as follows. on behalf, i respectfully extend this letter of support to on behalf of california pacific medical center and urge you and a fellow commissioners to extend your approval and certification. we were established in 1959 and has a backbone institution for the vulnerable populations for over 52 years. has provided an uninterrupted community-based services to low- income communities.
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we provide a continuum of multi- cultural, multi-generational programs. our safety net services improve the quality of life for thousands of families living in san francisco. we employ over 100 bilingual, a multi-cultural staff to serve the distinct needs of san francisco's families. rebuilding cpmc is synonymous with reinvigorating and rebuilding our local economy, but also compatible with our current administration's priority. cpmc has been a consistent supporter of many san francisco nonprofits. and other services to low-income and working poor families and individuals. in particular, over the last
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three years, cpmc has collaborated with our organization and extended professional geriatric and other health-related support to our senior services program. cpmc has demonstrated a commitment to our community and working for families of san francisco by extending financial support as we introduced our first multi-cultural child development services site and hunters point. this new center provides 36 children ages 0-5 with full day child development services. parents of these children are all working toward, in training, or actively pursuing employment. we have seen the devastation that the first economic crisis has had on our neighborhoods. the cpmc rebuild project is badly needed. we urge the commission to support this project, which will benefit all of -- all san
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franciscans now and into the future. thank you very much. >> hello. my name is monaco. i am representing one of the trade partners of cpmc. i would like to commend cpmc for adopting a 14% local business participation program. s.f. general only has a 7% program. i urge you to vote yes to rebuild cpmc and approve this project. thank you. >> thank you. i will read a few more cards. bobby, joseph, edgar. >> commissioners, good afternoon. my name is eugene and i am a
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member of the physicians organizing committee. the trigger for hospital closures are -- for hospital closure is the 1% cause. this must be removed. the system-wide operating margin is not likely to fall below 1% for two years in a row. it is not an impossibility. in the east bay, a very similar cause to identify the closing of another hospital, announcing they will shut down in 90 days. why are they not shutting down any other campus? that is what we are in this fight about currently. to stop the closing of st. luke's. why did they get $90 million in
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tax breaks each year if not to maintain charity care? they claim they will increase charity care, but how? they are downsizing at st. luke's, chasing a longstanding doctors out of practice or into the foundation model with exorbitant rent hikes and their foundation practices turn away patients from groups such as health the san francisco and medicale. one of our doctors, they refuse to show hurt the only empty office space they knew she could afford. that suite is still empty today. how is it that st. luke's provides more -- claims to be able to provide more charity care with your beds? -- fewer beds?
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even if they maintain the same level, their plan will provide care for 1000 fewer charity care patients per year. they use their abusive market monopoly to charge 37% higher rates across the board than other northern california hospitals. according to the uc hastings school of law, they still operate at an annual overall average profit of $148 million. yet provide the least amount of charity care per capita as any other hospital. these health care costs are going to increase. and they will be the main beneficiaries. mayor lee is so eager to get his grant -- his plan approved, his office is not taking into
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account the true needs of the community. >> thank you. i am sorry. your time is done. >> good afternoon. my name is joe. i am a business representative for local 39. the jobs in san francisco that have built the middle-class have typically been union jobs. as i said, i represent the engineers that work at cpmc. we have been without a contract for 18 months and have been on strike with cpmc for five weeks now. all of the engineers that should be working inside the hospital, maintaining its in the basham -- in the fashion they are accustomed to, are out on the street.
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cpmc was charged with committing unfair labor practices. they have made no substantial of attempts to resolve this labor dispute. i want all of the union trades in this city to get jobs in these proposed new hospitals. i would first like to see cpmc deal honestly with the current labor dispute between the union and the guys out on the street, looking for a contract. i do not want cpmc to give us all snow jobs so union workers get the short shift and the benefit of short-term jobs to give up long-term careers. cpmc needs to resolve their current labor issues and move forward, allowing all union trade to provide good middle- class livelihood to keep standards as though economically and socially strong. i encourage the planning commission lee's holding your decision in advanced until the
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resolution that's achieved between cpmc and stationary engineers local 39 san francisco. thank you very much. commissioner borden: thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. my name is edgar. i was born and raised in sentences go and i have worked at california pacific medical center for the past 33 years. i am also a member of the stationary engineers local 39. i wish i could stand here before you and tell you that i support the rebuilding of cpmc. sadly, i cannot. the cpmc eir is flawed to downplay the adverse affects of building a hospital at the cathedral hill location. all one has to do is drive around the area to realize that the location is a very poor choice on which to build.
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the traffic and congestion will more than quadruple within the hospital. the major disaster, access to the hospital, will be very difficult. while cpmc focuses on efforts to rebuild, the existing facilities are being neglected and are deteriorating to the extent that patient and employee safety is in jeopardy. trade unions that have spoken in favor of the current plan to rebuild are being duped into believing that cpmc has their best interest at heart. i stand before you today having stood in the street for the past five weeks fighting for a contract, which cpmc has failed to negotiate with us. as an employer, cpmc has become a tyrant in their treatment of their employees. using the rebuilding as an excuse to cut staff, cut full-
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time employment, and paid substandard wages to the working class employees, their refusal to ensure employees who belong to a union the ability to keep their jobs and transfer to a new facility clearly exposes their anti-union agenda. they are discriminating against the san francisco citizens that can least afford health care. their plan of building more and maximizing profits at and minimizing services in the less profitable area, mayor lee use the potential of a major earthquake to suggest that this project go through. one did occur after cathedral hill and say clemens were built, the reality is that 80 beds at the same loose facility would not be enough. trying to transfer patients would be extremely difficult. cpmc should not be allowed to minimize the importance of a full-service hospital at st. luke's. i have learned, through
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experience, that cpmc's actions speak louder than their spoken or written words. the current plan to rebuild is not in the best interest of the city, the citizens, and the employees of this medical center. let common sense and fairness prevail to all and rebuild cpmc the right way. thank you. commissioner borden: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. excuse my voice. i have been out on the street, put out on the street by my employer for five weeks. my name is rahmon and i am a member of stationary engineers local 39 and i have been for 24 years. i was an employee of california pacific medical center for 24 years until my employer put me out on the street. we have been working without a contract for 18 months.
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we were seeking a contract in parity with the contracts that have already been signed by engineers at other sutter health affiliates and 19 other hospitals. no more, no less. i am not here to oppose the construction of a new hospital. we encourage it because it will bring union jobs to the city. be a temporary, but we urge them to build it the right way. labor peace should be established. st. luke's should be expanded. to quote a harvard professor, " most of us are so eager to implement the right answer that we forget whether the right question has been asked." i urge the members of the planning commission to ask the right question and not be satisfied until you get the
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right answer. will the jobs available at the new hospital the union jobs? we do not know. when the new hospital is built, will the union employees be offered union jobs in that new hospital? right now, local 39 is on strike and without a contract for the past 18 months. california campus nurses have been working without a contract for over five years. the campus has non-union employees and are paid more than their california campus counterparts. is there construction money from -- is the construction money coming from the backs of employees? this was confirmed by a cpmc spokeswoman in an article in the san francisco bay guardian. that is available online, entitled "cpmc strike linked to
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a new hospital." she was asked if the cost of the hospital was a factor in lowering wages. she said the primary issue is equity, but we have a $1 billion rebuild that we have to fund? yes. because of the way health care is going, we have to rebuild. basically, we ask that you ask the questions, the right questions, and receive the right answers. thank you. commissioner borden: thank you. >> commissioners, my name is lee. i am an owner -- a homeowner in san francisco at inner sunset. i am also on the board of directors of the van ness corridor association and we
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support the cpmc project. this hospital and the rebuild will bring 24-7 activity and safety to our core and neighborhood in particular. the increase in business activity alone will provide additional jobs at my facility, which is a medium-sized hotel. 10-15 new, permanent, full-time jobs. the people that are in my staff currently, 80% of them live and work either in the tenderloin or in the mission district. new jobs, you cannot hardly do without. also, we have talked about lots of different things. i remember during the stadium build, those hearings that went around it, the same kind of questions were asked about at&t
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stadium. if you look at that area now, you are looking at a major improvement in an area that was not like that. this hospital will do that for our neighborhood. our businesses, the residential, individuals who live in the neighborhood. my staff will increase, spend money in this neighborhood. this -- the people spending money at the local coffee shops and restaurants will increase. it is a huge addition to our neighborhood and it will revitalize this entire area, which is in desperate need are revitalization. if you walk up and down van nuys, storefront after storefront is closed. that could change with your vote today. the increase, also, is the
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additional revenue. we are projecting anywhere from 15,000-$20,000 of extra room nights. the city gets 14% of that additional revenue. the convention bureau gets 1.5% rate is not just about this area. it will benefit the entire city, from the visitors' bureau to the city's revenue. we urge you to really look at this and say it is good for our area, good for the city. in addition, we will spend millions of dollars on refurbishing this hotel. an additional bonus that just happens to be because of this hospital. we totally, really, truly urge you to support this project. thank you. >> if your name has been called, come on up to the podium. cecile, leonard, joe, patrick,
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tera, david, vu. if your name has been called, come on up. >> thank you, president long and commissioners. my name is tera. i am a cpmc employee and patient and i support rebuilding cpmc. i work as cpmc for 15 years. my role as the patient relations coordinator allows staff to do a credible job within the limits of our current facility grid it takes a great effort to maintain the privacy and dignity of patients in a semi-private room. in my role, i hear concerns from patients and families relating to the small, outdated rules we
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currently have at cpmc. the proposed facilities would alleviate these concerns as well as many others. it would ensure that the citizens of san francisco have access to state-of-the-art health care. at multiple sites within the city. i am not only an employee, but a patient. in 2008, an emergency room physician look beyond the symptoms are presented with and showed i have -- i had multiple pulmonary l.i. -- emboli. i had the unique opportunity to interact with our staff as a patient. this gave me a unique opportunity. i was lucky enough not to have a semi-private room, but could appreciate how difficult that would be. every day, i see our staff and physicians make a difference in the lives of our patients and families, some who travel great distances to be treated at cpmc. every


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